If you forgot any part of your act while rehearsing, it is not a problem at all. However you can get into big trouble if you are performing in front of the audience who has actually paid for watching your act. There is never a second chance in performing stand up comedy so you will have to pay for any mistakes you commit in a live show. It ruins your act and diverts the attention of the audience. The result is that you do not get a good response from the crowd. You have to make the audience realize that the money they have paid for your show is worth it. Thus, you must prepare well for your performances. Mentioned below are some tips to make sure that you give a successful performance; especially if it is your first performance.

Becoming nervous is a natural phenomenon. You are especially stressful bout first performance because your career is depending on it. It can actually make or break your career in stand up comedy. Being there all alone on the stage with the target to get roars of laughter from the crowd does require a lot of courage. You have to deal with your nervousness in a proper way to make sure it does not negatively impact your comedy act. You can minimize your stress by doing maximum practice and preparation. It is not enough to write down jokes and memorize them. To give a powerful performance, you have to know your jokes; you have to owe them. You have to be flawless with the delivery of your jokes to get the audience roll into big laughter.

When you start off your career as a stand up comedian, you want to give it all you got. You want to rock the stage and prove your talent. It is best to start off with small. This means that you should start with doing your comedy shows in front of smaller and non paying audiences. Then you should proceed towards open mic with a larger audience. This will help you boost your confidence and learn from your common mistakes. Do not forget to take feedbacks and reviews about your performance from the small audiences. This will guide you to hone your skills in comedy. This will also save you from bombing at your first open mic and ending up having a bad experience.

You can watch stand up comedy videos to learn from other renowned stand up comedians. It helps you a lot to learn different tricks and tactics to make your performances even better. 


The first question that comes in the mind of people who decide to take the profession of stand up comedy is how to write hilarious jokes to win the hearts of the audience. It is a question that comes in the mind of every newbie. Here are some tips to help them write effective jokes for their performances.

Always carry a pen and paper with you. Start to think of words that you like. These words can become your topic as you enjoy talking about these words. Once you have your topics, think of the weirdest ideas that come in your mind. Think of the funniest things related to these topics. Try framing the humorous ideas about these topics in the funniest ways. Write the top ten funniest things about them. Attach some hilarious gestures to the funny ideas you have written. This will serve as a plot for your funny jokes writing. This is how you can make a good start for writing effective jokes.

An important thing stand up comedians should know is that the gesture attached to the writings is actually the laughter generator element. The laughter that you receive from your jokes is mostly due to the gesture associated with it.  The laughter you get is about 70% because of the gesture and 30% due to the content of your joke.

It is always a good idea to practice your act in front of the mirror after you have framed your jokes. If your act is able to make you laugh then it can surely make the audience laugh out loud too. After trying your act in front of the mirror to get a good hold on your gestures, you must try it in front of your friends and family too. There response is very crucial. If you get a positive response and you managed to make them roll into big laughter, you have indeed formulated some hilarious jokes in your act which will surely drive the audience crazy.

You can watch various stand up comedy videos to learn different sorts of gestures and their implications. It is good to record your performances so that you can work on improving your gestures. Writing impressive comedy surely counts a lot but you must give extra importance on the way you deliver your jokes. This together helps you make the crowd roll into big laughter.  A good round of applause from the audience is an affirmation of the success of your act.

Some Don’ts of Modern Stand up Comedy

If you are looking for some good tips on stand up comedy for making your performances and acts more admirable, then there are some dos and don’ts of comedy, which you should consider while selecting material for your comedy. You may think that you are aware of all of them but here are some top 5 things that shouldn’t be a part of today’s stand up comedy performances either because they have gotten old, or people don’t find them funny at all:

1.      Tyrone

It is the standard, which nonblack people use as a punch line for addressing the blacks.  It is time to get over with this term and change the mantle. You can use Daequon or perhaps Terrell instead of Tyrone.  It’s getting way too old.

2.      Weed jokes

Many stand up comedians have used weed for humor but it’s now time to move on to some other drugs. Start joking about marijuana hopefully you will get lots of laughs.  The old joke “Where my weed smokers at now” does not seem to move the audiences anymore.  Even if you think marijuana has been beaten to death in comedy then write jokes on heroin.  Likewise, there are plenty of drugs to joke about instead of weed..

3.      The male vs. female debate

Don’t start your comedy act as a story where men and women are fighting about, who is more funny.  We all now know that men and women can be equally funny.  There is plenty of evidence to prove that so grow up and don’t make your acts based on this theme. Smart comedians are getting rid of this approach.

4.      Too soon

Most of the stand up comedians might agree to this fact that Too Soon does bring laughs even today if properly used but don’t you think that more than 90% of the jokes end with Too Soon?This tag needs to be replaced before people start feeling sick about it.

5.      Interweb

Interweb is way too old my friend. It was funny once but now it’s time to drop it because we don’t live in that world anymore.

Those, who observing comedy from the stand up comedy videos, might think that audience gives good response to these things but this ois not true. You might be watching old stand up comedy videos. People need something new to laugh at. These old slangs and tags are not enough to make the stressed up people laugh today. That’s why it is said that comedy is one of the toughest things in the world.

A journey of comedy to the current epoch

To watch stand up comedy videos is always fun. We all friends love to watch such videos and laugh out loud. In simple words, we just love stand up comedians. One day, we all friends were watching a stand up comedy video then one of my friends asked a question randomly, which surprised all of us. Do you have any idea what that question could be? How this stand up comedy started was his question? We all looked at each other, as none of us knew anything about the evolution of this field. To get this information, we decided to conduct an online research and this research revealed a lot of information to us.

Comedy can be traced back centuries ago when there was no existence of television, radio, or any such medium.  Although, there was no such facility yet people knew how to laugh but yes, the approach was different. At that time, the person, who can crack jokes, used to do so in the street. Comedians were also popular in the era of kings. When we read this information, we all recall the stories, which our grand mother told us in our childhood. The story was all about a juggler, who used to please the king, and punished severely when he failed to do so.

After the royal epoch, civilization became little advanced and first comedy club established where people used to come in their spare time to enjoy jokes and comedy in order to get relaxed. Comedy club gained a lot of popularity because of that single person, who used to perform in front of people to make them laugh. That person could be any joker or a juggler.

With the passage of time, the technology became advance and having the radio sets at home became a trend. Lots of comedy shows went on-air and got popularity among the masses. After radio, comedy shows became the part of television transmissions and there is no doubt that most of the stand up comedians became famous due to these popular TV shows.

The current age is of internet. Now we all can find everything we need online. Because of internet, now we can watch as many stand up comedy videos as we want.

The journey of comedy and comedians is quite amazing. Just one query of my friend made us know about comedy and we all love reading this. Even one of my friends decided to become a comedian too just after reading all the details. 


Do you dream of becoming popular? If yes then stand up comedy is probably a good option for you to opt for. In order to become a stand up comedian, here are some secrets to help you to rock the stage and to get the best out of you.

The first thing to do is to become a part of the comedy circle. You need to perform well in a few open mic nights so that you may develop fan following. You require passion, humor, and talent along with hard work to reach at the top and to excel in the field of comedy.

It is obvious that the first time you will be performing live in front of the audience, you will be nervous about your performance. You will feel goose bumps and be frightened of the stage but it is up to you that how you will overcome all your fear and will manage to do as good as you can. You need to make the crowd roll into huge laughter through your quality content and effective delivery. If you will succeed in giving them the right dose of comedy and laughter, they will want more of you and that is what is going to keep you moving forward. It will also boost your confidence incredibly. No matter, how nervous you are from the inside, you must make the crowd laugh by not showing up your fear. Gather all your confidence and boost your energy to give your best shot.

You need to come up with hilarious jokes to get the audience laughing. So, sharpen up your comedy skills. Practice as much as you can. It helps you to improvise your skills and abilities. Stand up comedy is all about rehearsing your act to make sure that you do it perfectly when you perform live on the stage. Your act must seem effortless and flawless. You must get many laughs from the audience after driving them crazy with your humorous jokes. It is always good to watch and learn from the stand up comedy video clips available on the internet. It allows you to learn from renowned comedians.

Rehearsing in front f the mirror really helps you do well in your act. Repeat your act in front of the mirror and see how you can make it funnier. You may find funny moves or something that makes you look more hilarious.

Being funny is not totally natural. All successful stand up comedians made it to the top because they were creative and unique in their styles. Moreover, they were passionate about comedy and they practiced a lot.

Come out of depression with stand up comedy

When we frown then it does not take a second to drain away our energy. As a result, we start feeling worse. What is the solution to this problem? If something is not going the way you planned it, you will feel worst and try to do everything that could improve your situation. Here, the only thing that pulls you together and enlightens your mood is a laugh. Jokes might not work here, they might irritate you, and you may not find them funny at all. Instead, you can watch the stand up comedy videos that can make you burst up laughing.

Watching these videos is a great way to make the depressed people happy. When you will notice the audience of any stand up comedy show then you will find lots of people, who wish to have a great time. Research has shown that even a simple laughter as a result of a joke can make one feel awesome. Laughter can release endorphins and can give you a pleasure that will make you forget most of the tensions and worries. When a good joke will hit your face, then you will also burst up laughing. After all, laughter is the best medicine anyone may need.

Not all of us might be able to afford watching a comedy show in a hall so if you want an instant source of joy to forget your worries then these comedy videos are going to help you a lot. Search for the best comic performances on the internet, as it is the simplest way to find such videos. You will find millions of videos, which can either be watched online or can be downloaded as well. These videos can be considered the best to reduce your worries, to make you laugh, and to boost your immune system as well.

In this stressed up life, it will be wise enough to watch the stand up comedians’ performance on stage to please you as well as those, who had been watching the shows. You can watch these videos alone or with friends, who are also depressed in their life. There are various videos available on all sorts of comedies. Whether you want adult jokes or jokes related to the normal life experiences, you could enjoy them in different comedy videos. Just surf the web and download the best ones to change your mood within minutes. 

Horror story – Stage fright!

It’s coming up to Halloween, a scary time, but something some performers suffer from any day of the year is stage fright!  Though it might be easy to think that getting stage fright would make performing impossible and if you are prone to it, possibly put you off persuing your dream of becoming a stand up comedian, don’t fear, there are ways to overcome it and get on the stage with confidence.

As with many things in life, if you suffer from stage fright, finding out what works for you might be a case of trial and error. 

In some cases, the simple tip of taking deep breaths and thinking happy and tranquil thoughts might just do the trick.  However, if you are facing a deeper unadulterated terror before stepping out, you may need to try some other techniques.  These are just some tips that might help:

You should try make the stage feel like your own.  Try to banish any thought that you are simply a ‘guest’ in someone else’s home.  This immediately makes you feel uncomfortable and will heighten your fear.  Get it clear in your mind that once you take the first step onto the stage, it is yours, your home, your comfort zone and remains so till you walk off.  The audience are your guests, in your house and you are the host and master.  Don’t relinquish this feeling until you walk off and the next performer takes on this role.

Back to the keep calm and steady.  When we are suffering from feelings of fear and discomfort, we can rush, speak too quickly and pass on the feeling of unease to the audience who in turn will not enjoy your performance.  Take your time, remember to take pauses at the appropriate time and emphasise the relevant elements of your routine.  You should soon get into the zone and get more confidence and feel more comfortable.

Though some performers still suffer from stage fright even after many years of experience, in the main, stand ups can overcome it or suffer less severe stage fright as they become more confident.  Make sure you have sufficiently rehearsed your routine before ever stepping on stage.  Your confidence will naturally increase the more you know you are comfortable and assured in your own routine and performance. 

Some performers actually see a certain degree of stage fright as being beneficial for their performance.  As long as you are not a gibbering wreck, the rush of adrenaline that accompanies a healthy dose of stage fright could actually be helpful, just be sure to have it under control and go out and knock your audience’s socks off!

Stand up and hit the gym

So if I was to ask you what are the skills and requirements of being a stand up comedian, you would probably be forgiven if you didn’t mention needing to be fit on your list.  You like many others are probably imagining a lifestyle of late night parties, heavy drinking and smoke filled clubs.  Well variety is the spice of life and there are probably a few out there who would fit that stereotype but most certainly if you are pursuing a career as a professional corporate event comedian the reality is much much different.

Professional corporate event comedians or keynote speakers as they are sometimes referred are often hired to entertain audiences for up to an hour or more.  As well as needing plenty of well written funny material and physical stamina, the artist has to make sure they can maintain a professional appearance and not look like a sweaty mess by the end of the performance.  To do this, most are conscious of their weight and general health and try to stay in shape as much as possible.  This is especially important if your comedy is quite physical.  You will not grab the audience attention if you look like a physical sweaty mess and you cannot deliver  your punchlines as you gasp for breath!

Being physically and mentally well also helps you in your performance.  Most public performers admit to suffering a kind of stage fright, which might include physical symptoms of increased heart rate, sweaty palms and dry mouth amongst others.  Being physically well will mean you can more easily overcome these temporary symptoms without feeling they are putting undue pressure on your overall health.  Being physically fit is also linked to benefits in mental wellbeing.  A stand up has to write their own material, memorize routines and then confidently and ably perform their routine in front of an audience, sometimes in difficult conditions.  A feeling of general wellbeing and physical and mental fitness will improve your confidence and help you in meeting the challenges of being a stand up comedian.

How you can make yourself ‘valuable’ as a stand up

I’ve written plenty about how to get yourself started in the world of stand up comedy.  You will know the groundwork you will have had to complete as an aspiring stand up comedian.  You’ve done the mantra of rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, you are writing often and have plenty of material and you have gained considerable experience at ‘open mic’ events.  So if you’ve served your apprenticeship and you’re at the stage of getting the all important paid bookings, you’re probably thinking your work is done and you can sit back and just do your thing at the gigs?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s time to snap you back to reality.  One other aspect that we’ve not mentioned much yet is your business skills.  Your dream is to have a successful career as a stand up and to make that happen you will need to promote your career as well as developing your stand up routine. 

To explain this simply, it means that when club owners and bookers are looking for fill the bill, they are not always necessarily looking for the funniest acts, they are also looking at what you ‘bring’.  That means filling seats and helping their club thrive.  One way to make booking you more attractive is to be pro-active in creating your own following, by sending out mailing lists and having an active social media presence.  If you can mount a successful social campaign that will bring in support and bums on seat for any bookings you get, this will make you a very attractive prospect for a club owner or booker.  Once the club owner knows that booking you bring in extra revenue in the form of a larger audience, you are more likely to get more bookings.

So the advice is, make yourself ‘valuable’.  Contact friends, make reference to your bookings on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and even think about creating your own blog and getting followers for that.  By creating a buzz around you and your performances, you will see the difference it makes to the number of bookings you get and to your income.